His name is Jose Luis Prada Méndez, but always ask for Prada. He has been called crazy many times, as have predicted that their dreams would not succeed. Later they corrected and changed the adjective for "prophet". Self-made and inveterate traveler  from very young was clear that in the Bierzo was incredible products but undervalued, which was worth believing if made from the authenticity and honesty. 


What the land gives us should be transformed as it deserves and get the added value for those who live it, just so the quality will remain the top. From artisanal cans to the wine from Bierzo, through food and accommodation or wine, which pioneered in El Bierzo, Prada undertakes everything has its own seal and the ideal of being the best in its category. The secret? Sunrise always is surprising Prada while he works. 

El Bierzo

  Somewhere between the plateau and the mountains of Galicia, surrounded by montains where old people says they produced wine or chesnuts. Seven major rivers, which empty into the path of Sil to the Miño, form as many fertile valleys that illuminate gardens, orchards, riparian forests, conifers as we ascend and vines, vines always as a sea of green, yellow, red, ocher, brown ... depending on the calendar. Pilgrims find in El Bierzo few days of rest lightness and contrast with what has been done so far. Now immersed in deep forest, between fruit they call them at every turn and in every season. If no time is chestnut cherry or plum or apple ... the temptation is the roadside. Then, in the Palacio de Canedo, we put it in jars, but beware, only when nature tells us that is the time.

  • Authentic chesnuts from Bierzo
  • Indigineous mushrooms at El Bierzo
  • Sunset at Bierzo
  • Vineyard at El Bierzo
  • Bierzo's heritage