Palacio de Canedo. Prada A Tope. Winery in El Bierzo, León.

You will come to the Palace and will not see keys. No need, everything is open. Our guests are free to roam our cellar because there is nothing to hide. The winery is a continuation of the vineyards that reach almost to the door. Those 25 generations we have been in three centuries bequeathing their strains and know-how are projected onto a fitted cellar technology today. Get to know our barrels, where only ask you to listen to the silence in which our aging and reserve wines are raised, and where we hide our mythical Picantal until our winemaker,


Ferreira, agrees with Prada to agree on a "you are ready to drink." And do not think that this agreement is easy and fast, but the wines here are in no hurry, if Mencia is capricious, whimsical ... In addition we are able to know how we do our Xamprada, a foam made by the méthode champanoise that, if you're lucky , you will see their slaughter after at least nine months of aging in bottle in our cellar.


Palacio de Canedo

Appellation of Origin:
Making Process:
Harvest by hand and fermented with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel tanks on its lees.
Tasting Notes:
A white wine fresh and fruity, aromas of citrus and pineapple will not leave you indifferent. An entry with sweet notes, which give way to a balanced acidity and a long finish with a slight bitter aftertaste, characteristic of the variety, prompt you to drink again.
It is a perfect paring with seafood, fish, cheeses, meats and white meats. Recommend serving i cool, between 10 and 12ºC.